How to Plan a Baller Wedding on a Budget


Got Strings Musicians have noticed that weddings seem to get more elaborate every year. Apparently we aren’t wrong, because according to Business Insider, the average wedding in America in 2018 costs over $30,000! If your eyes just glazed over at the thought of spending more than your car is worth on a single day, these 4 tips for couples on a budget are for you!

1- Keep it SMALL! There’s no reason to invite everyone you know to your wedding. I’m sure your mom’s third cousin will understand why they didn’t get an invite. This is easy math! The bigger your guest list, the bigger the venue has to be, the more food will be served by the caterer, and the lighter your wallet will feel after all is said and done!

2- Go Thrifting! One of the most costly parts of a wedding is the decor: flowers, centerpieces and theme. Thrifting your decorations from someone else is a great way to save a little dough. So many brides are stuck with their decorations after the wedding are looking to sell them  on sites such as Craigslist and Ebay to get back some of their money. You can also DIY your own decor! Get creative and take a trip to the craft store to load up on materials to make your own decorations such as center pieces, flowers and personalized touches!

3-Skip the Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts. If your wedding budget is tight, the friends in your wedding party will understand you passing over the gift. Instead try writing them each a meaningful letter to show your appreciation.

4- Have your guests help out with your honeymoon! Odds are, you’ve been living on your own and don’t need the pot set Aunt Patty plans on gifting you or the 3 toasters you’ll end up returning. In lieu of gifts set up a HoneyMoon Registry on websites such as Honeyfund or Zola so guests can pitch in for your honeymoon! Wouldn’t you rather swim with dolphins or have a couples massage than stand on line in a big box store with your 3 toasters?

Well, there you have it! There are savings everywhere, you just have to know where to look! Remember, a smaller wedding doesn’t have to mean less elegance or charm. There are just certain things we suggest you don’t splurge on if your hoping to save: like chair coverings or excessive centerpieces. Stick to these tips and you’ll actually have some left over savings for a honeymoon. Happy planning, Brides!