To Look Or Not To Look?



Being in the wedding industry, I see a lot of fads that come and go with the seasons. I’ve seen short dresses, lace ones, large bouquets, and small ones. Everything from the flavor of the cake to the timing of the bouquet toss changes every season, but one that is getting more and more popular by the year is something called the “First Look.” Originally, I thought this was just a fad, that it would go away like everything else. But now, it seems like every couple is opting to include it in their special day! So, what is it, exactly?

Well, traditionally at a Wedding Ceremony the Groom does not see his Bride until she is walking down the aisle to take his hand in marriage. In the last few years, though, couples have been doing a First Look: when an hour or so before their wedding, the Bride reveals herself to her beau without their friends and family eagerly looking on. The two of them typically have a very intimate moment prior to saying “I do” at this time, and it makes for great pictures. Based on my conversations with a few wedding photographers, the trend seems to have started so photographers snap some photos before the Wedding instead of taking as many during the Cocktail Hour. Which, I have to say, is completely reasonable.

A First Look is truly a beautiful moment between the Bride and Groom, but there’s just one thing missing… We lose the moment everyone loves when we see the Groom’s face as the church doors open and he first lays eyes on his bride! Call my old fashioned, but I kind of miss that exciting moment, although I definitely understand why someone would want to have the First Look beforehand.

So, what about you? To look or not to look?!

Karima NeghmoucheComment