Tips For The Traditional Bride

Something old, something new…. Well, we all know how the old English rhyme goes! And as a traditional bride-to-be, your wedding is likely going to include just that - tradition! Whether it’s a blue accessory, or the highly-anticipated garter toss, we want your special day to include everything your fourteen year-old self probably journaled about. With the big day rapidly approaching, we’ve compiled some pointers for the traditional bride to help ease your mind.

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How to Plan a Baller Wedding on a Budget

Got Strings Musicians have noticed that weddings seem to get more elaborate every year. Apparently we aren’t wrong, because according to Business Insider, the average wedding in America in 2018 costs over $30,000! If your eyes just glazed over at the thought of spending more than your car is worth on a single day, these 4 tips for couples on a budget are for you!

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The “W” Word

As we all know there is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. From the florist, bakery, venue, caterer and so much more, it’s easy to get confused with the pricing that each business provides. One easy way that those vendors pull the wool over newly engaged couples is marking up the price of their services just for weddings. There are many reasons this is done, partly because of the added pressure and preparation that goes into servicing a wedding but also just because they can. They know couples will pay extra to have their favorite band play, or have their reception at their dream location. This is known in the Wedding Industry as the “Wedding Tax”.

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