Top 3 Mistakes I See Brides Make On Their Wedding Day (and how you can avoid them!)


As a professional musician and owner of Got Strings, you can imagine I have attended a lot of weddings over the years. I have seen everything from dogs in the Bridal Party to tripping Groomsmen, Brides that are 3+ hours late and more. I could definitely share plenty of cringe-worthy wedding mistakes, but not many are repeated from couple to couple. However, I did find a few common missteps that multiple Brides have taken over the last few years, and this list is designed to help you not make the same ones for your special day!

1. Holding the bouquet too high during their entrance.

A huge trend in the wedding industry over the last few years has been large, overflowing bouquets. Although they are absolutely gorgeous, I have seen so many Brides make the mistake of covering their entire dress with their flowers! In fact, it is one of my biggest pet peeves. Think about all of the time you spent dress shopping for the perfect fit and obsessing over the beading and details of the bodice. Now, can you imagine all of it being completely covered with flowers? It should be a crime! If you do want a large bouquet, a good trick to avoid this is to hold your bouquet at your waist, not your chest, during pictures and your walk down the aisle. It may feel awkward, but trust me you’ll be thanking yourself later!

2. Not walking to the beat of the music.

Being a musician, there is a whole list of details I go over with my couples to ensure everything about their musical entrances go as smoothly as possible. However, not all of our couples relay the information to the rest of the Bridal Party… especially when it comes to walking down the aisle. This is a simple detail that is often overlooked but I have seen Bridesmaids run up to the altar due to nerves, Groomsmen lazily walk up without a care in the world, and every other awkward entrance you can think of. As a general rule of thumb, tell your Bridal Party that they should walk to the beat of the music as they enter the Ceremony to ensure a smooth, unhurried processional!

3. Not delegating enough.

It’s 9AM on your wedding day and you have 6 hours until you say “I do.” You’re in the car to get your hair and makeup done while there are centerpieces to be placed, lights to be strung, chairs to be set up… And you have to do all of it! Sure, your friends and family asked months ago if there was anything they could do, but you felt too guilty to rope them into it. But now, as the clock keeps ticking and your hair is being curled behind schedule, you begin to think that delegating a few jobs to your teenage cousins wouldn’t have been a bad idea after all… Ladies, do not let this be you! Too many Brides make the mistake of thinking they can do it all the morning of, and that is simply not true. Save yourself from the stress and if it doesn’t require your personality, hand it off to someone else.

Well there you have it! My first tip was to avoid covering up your dress with huge bouquets by holding your flowers at your waist. Then, make sure your Bridal Party knows to walk to the beat of the music, whatever that may be, to avoid awkwardness in the processional. And finally, either get yourself a wedding planner or at least get really good at taking things off your plate, girl! I don’t want to see you make any of these mistakes on your wedding day so I hope this list helped you plan for your special day.

Karima NeghmoucheComment